Week-2, Exercise-7 predict

Here is my sigmoid function:
{moderator edit: code removed}

~/work/release/W2A2/public_tests.py in predict_test(target)
99 assert type(pred) == np.ndarray, f"Wrong type for pred. {type(pred)} != np.ndarray"
100 assert pred.shape == (1, X.shape[1]), f"Wrong shape for pred. {pred.shape} != {(1, X.shape[1])}"
→ 101 assert np.bitwise_not(np.allclose(pred, [[1., 1., 1]])), f"Perhaps you forget to add b in the calculation of A"
102 assert np.allclose(pred, [[1., 0., 1]]), f"Wrong values for pred. {pred} != {[[1., 0., 1.]]}"

AssertionError: Perhaps you forget to add b in the calculation of A

Can anyone help me with this. I am not getting it

The sigmoid is a function name and it is doing all these calculations. You just need to pass the correct arguments.

For example, if I define a function like that:

def do_something(a,b):
  c = a**2
  d = c + b
  return d

And now if I want to do something with x and y, I just need to do like this:
z = do_something(x,y)

Thanks. I got my mistake.
Issue is solved