Week 2 Exercise 8-Incorrectly Classified?

Hello, on exercise 8 for week 2, I have a couple of differences.

First, should the learning rate be 0.5 or 0.005 in the model? In the model function, it says 0.5, but the plot in next part of the problem says that learning rate should be 0.005.

Second, the image that is supposed to be “incorrectly classified” was correctly classified in my notebook. It is an image of a cat, and my classifier counted it as a cat. Is this okay or a signal that something is wrong with my code? My accuracy matched the expected accuracy for the training and test sets.

Hi @kbeacham on the first question I see that 0.5 is the default value for the parameter learning_rate in the function model. Later in the notebook the function is used overriding the default value with 0.005 as shown in the plot, hope this clarify your doubt. For the second question I see the same behaviour as you mention probably there is a typo in the comment of the code cell or in the index proposed. In my case with index=30 I can see an example wrongly classified.