Week 2 Lab Kernel dying

I’ve tried several times, but the line trainer.train() seems to crash the kernel every time. I also noticed that the lab will not let you select the xlarge Instance type as designated by the lab, so maybe it’s running out of memory?

In any case, here is the error after running trainer.train()

Kernel Restarting
The kernel for Lab_2_fine_tune_generative_ai_model.ipynb appears to have died. It will restart automatically.

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Hi Tyson and welcome to the community! Kindly refer to item 10 in this FAQ. Make sure that the instance type chosen matches exactly what is shown on the screenshot in the notebook. Otherwise, it will likely crash. The FAQ shows how to check it. Hope this helps!


Thank you! Yes, I had tried to change to select the correct kernel previously but didn’t notice the “All Instances” section of the “Set up notebook environment” box. Selecting it from there works fine.