Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression (assignment)

Hi everyone
I participate in the exam ( Programming Assignment: Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression) and inside the code after running this sentence is shown to me: All tests passed!
But when I submit the assignment, I get zero marks. what is the reason?
(I participated three times and get zero marks all three times. I used hints.)

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Can you send me your code in a direct message so I can take a look?

Sure, I’ll sent

I need your code too. Can you pls send me ?


@Ritik_Ranjan I’m a mentor, if you need help, send me your code in a direct message and I’ll take a look and help.

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@Ritik_Ranjan, please do not ask to see another student’s code. That breaks the course Honor Code.

Hi @M_Rezaeemanesh ,
From your description, I can say probably you erase the whole code which includes the starting hashtag which shows the test and question number you write above the code and you are good to go. If you still didn’t get what I am saying then go to any previously completed lab and look for the first line.
Something like :slight_smile:
#GRADED FUNCTION: compute_cost

you probably erased these lines.

Hello, I have to do the Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression. However, I can’t open that lab and my computer keeps on saying Your lab session has timed out. If you’d like to continue working, reopen the lab. I click on the Reopen button but it says the same thing over and over again. I cleared my cookies and I restarted my computer several times. I’m faced with the same problems every time. Please help me fix this problem.


i need it too, help me out


Send me your code in a direct message and I’ll take a look.

Hi I got this problem as well. I got the expected result and got “All test passed” all the way. I tried deleting the ##lines, also tried deleting space and changed indentation. I still got 0%. Could you please help? Thanks a lot


Did you modify code outside of the

### Start Code Here ###

### End Code Here ###

The grader needs certain comments to find your work in the notebook while grading.

# UNQ_C1

Make sure not to delete these comments in the notebook.

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hi i have participated in the programming assignment. And my second exercise question is wrong. Can you help me with that


Send me your code in a direct message and I’ll take a look.

i have a problem in exercise 2 of programming Assignment Week 2


hi, has your problem solved?
cause I have the same error

Yes actually i had written the last two lines in the for loop. But they are outside the loop

Hi Sam,
I see I am not the only one stuck on the Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression question 2.
I can’t find my mistake even I used the hints.

Hi ,where is the places of



please cz I dealated them and when i wrote them again sometimes the error is UNQ_C1 duplicated and sometimes UNQ_C1 is not finded so please help

Hi @Tamara_Stauch !

Send me your code and I’ll take a look!