Week 2 programing assignment in linear regression

i am confused how to submit my assignment , like i have completed it now but dont know how to submit it . Is it automatic or something

Click on the “Submit” button at the top of the notebook page.

i cannot find the button could you send a screenshot

Check in the FAQ section.

Usually submit button is not seen if you rename your notebook.

You can try first Kernel — Restart and Clear Output. If this doesn’t shows submit button, close the notebook and reopen the notebook.

In case you are using browser other than Chrome, you can try opening the notebook on chrome. Make sure you have cleared the cache and browsing history, Logout and login in coursera and then open notebook.

If none of these works, save a copy of your notebook. Get fresh update copy by first deleting the notebook you are working on. On this you would view 404 error, click help and reboot. Once you have rebooted, Click help again, then Get the Latest version then Update Lab, you will surely get a fresh copy with submit button. at this time, you need to re-do your assignment by looking at your saved copy of the notebook and submit.


Thanks guys. Refreshing the notebook works.

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