DLS 5, week 4 - No submit button!

I’m done with my lab and want to submit it. No submit button. ???

There are a few possible causes:

  • Maybe the kernel is stuck. Try restarting the kernel and clear the output.
  • Then reload the notebook.
  • Maybe you’re using an obsolete version of the notebook. Check in the File menu and see if there is another copy of the notebook there. Or look in the Help tab and see if a newer version is available. If there is another notebook available, be sure you save your original notebook using a different file name, so your work doesn’t get overwritten. If there is a new notebook, you’ll have to copy your code over to the new one.
  • Maybe Coursera is having a bad day.
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Did you end of finding a fix for it? Did those suggested tips help?

My Week1 Assignemnt3 does not have a submit button. Assignments 1 and 2 have the button.

Edit: 1 Day later. I tried again, and now I see it.