Week 2 programming assignment positional argument error

hey guys currently, have passed week 3 but, every time I try and get week 2, graded it gives me a comment saying the ai grader could not grade my work, because it has 2 positional arguments instead of 1.
could I have some assistance?


Does Code Cell #6 look like this for you?

# Create a scatter plot of the data. To change the markers to red "x",
# we used the 'marker' and 'c' parameters
plt.scatter(x_train, y_train, marker='x', c='r') 

# Set the title
plt.title("Profits vs. Population per city")
# Set the y-axis label
plt.ylabel('Profit in $10,000')
# Set the x-axis label
plt.xlabel('Population of City in 10,000s')