Week 2 Coding Assignment Issue

Hi Team,

I have successfully run the code and passed the tests. However, getting error like: unable to submit it. Please see the screenshots.
Kindly resolve the issue. Whether I should wait for 24 hours or Is it something else?

I have tested the grader for this assignment, and it appears to be working.

Try submitting your assignment again.

If it still doesn’t work for you, you’ll need to contact the Coursera Help Center and send them a copy of your screen image.

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Issue resolved. Thanks.

I have doubts about the assignment. What should be W and b parameters?

hello guys
when I tried to solve the first programming assignment in week2 , I could not do any thing , should I read the optional labs before solving the assignment or not , i even do not know the logic of writing the code , because all of the illustration of Andrew is theoretical not practical , I do not know what to do please help

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same problem plz help or give solutions