Unable to upload my response to the Week 2 coding assignment. Kindly Help!

{moderator edit: code removed}

Hi @tbhmohit

If you are working under the Coursera environment, there is no need to upload your assignment. When you completed all the exercises in this assignment and all the output matched the expected output, then you just need to click the blue submit button on the top right to get your work graded.

Please don’t post your solution code here, as that is not allowed.

I tried doing it multiple times but it’s not grading my assignment, I really need help in this as I am stuck in this problem since last 3 days

Click on “Show grader output”. What does it say?

this is the issue, how to solve it?

Then you need to read this.

Thank you for the information but the issue I don’t have UNQ statement anywhere in my code, this is too confusing kindly help me with this specifically with me than I would be super gratful to you.

Please get a clean copy of your assignment as described here and do your code again, without changing/deleting pre-written code.

same kind of error again even after every line of code is correct, really fade up of this task. Please help, not even kidding gave this assignment 8 times and each and every time error even after correct response.

finally submitted and accepted the response
thanks a lot for helping me out on every query of mine.