Week 2 quiz

I’ve just opened the quiz and it says

The time allotted has expired, please submit. and forced me to submit. I reopened for a second try and it says the same so basically I’ve already burn out two tries.

I did it yesterday but I wanted to to get the 100% score

This appears to be a known issue, since there are multiple reports.
That’s all we know at the moment.
There seem to be no work-arounds available.

I am experiencing this as well. I did not pass my first 3 tries last night. I reviewed the material again today, and completed the assignment which helped but I am unable to retake the quiz. I hope they fix this soon as I am unable to have week 2 show as Completed

Thanks @TMosh for bringing this to my attention.

Hi @Danny_Cruz, @dnlnn,

Kindly send me the email you use for Coursera as a direct message. Also mention the name of the course and the week# of the quiz.

You can send me a direct message by clicking on my display image.