Week 3 assignment (kernel died)

Everytime I run kernel, Forward_propgation_test always failed because kernel is dead and restarts the kernel automatically
The error dialog is shown below:

I also confirmed no kernels is running.

I tried to run cells past the (forward_propagation_test) it runs normally but whenever I run that cell it gives the error

That suggests that there is something wrong in your forward_propagation routine. There really aren’t that many tricky parts there, but are you sure that you don’t have an infinite loop or the equivalent? E.g. “recursion” meaning that you call the function itself within the body of the function.

everything looked good so I searched the problem and it appears to be the version of tensorflow used that causes the error
I used pip install to install latest version of tensorflow in the notebook then I ran all cells again and it worked, assignment passed

So what you mean is that you are running the assignments locally, instead of on the course website, right? Yes, if you do that, then all bets are off because of “versionitis” issues like this. You can’t submit to the grader except from the course website, so it’s better to work there. If you want to “do your own thing”, then you are on your own to figure out the installation issues. That is beyond the scope of the course.