Week 3 , problem in the gradding system

First of all, there is an error occurs when I test if I passed all the tests even tho I am getting the same expected outputs and the error is in a part that I did not code
this is the error I get for Exercises 3,5 , and 6:

AssertionError                            Traceback (most recent call last)
<ipython-input-26-313bf66592fe> in <module>
      1 # Note:
      2 # Actual values are not checked here in the unit tests (due to random initialization).
----> 3 w3_unittest.test_initialize_parameters(initialize_parameters)

~/work/w3_unittest.py in test_initialize_parameters(target_initialize_parameters)
    186     for test_case in test_cases:
--> 187         result = target_initialize_parameters(test_case["input"]["n_x"], test_case["input"]["n_y"])
    189         try:

<ipython-input-24-3082fbf04af4> in initialize_parameters(n_x, n_y)
     14     ### END CODE HERE ###
---> 16     assert (W.shape == (n_y, n_x))
     17     assert (b.shape == (n_y, 1))


Also, when I submit the assignment I get zero for every question but when I use 
# grade-up-to-here
 for the first two exercises, I get its grade 
this is my code for exercise 3 with the error message :
![Desktop Screenshot 2023.10.14 -|431x500](upload://q0Sq8x1UDXhA9vfBGQ3HZ1Ht8xE.png)

The assert you got is because your W matrix has the wrong shape.

I recommend you not use #grade up to here. It doesn’t exactly work as intended.

You will still get errors from the grader if the code you haven’t yet touched has syntax or runtime errors.