Week 3 Quiz

Hi everyone,

I have an issues with the quiz for Week 3. Basically no matter what answers I give, the score is 67.5%. I spoke to someone from coursera, they tried to extend the deadline/do some other things but it still hasn’t change anything. The person advised me to ask the teachers to look into it. She extended my course deadline until the 26 of August. Anyone had a similar issue?

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Hi @esanina, that might something you would to have a loot at I think.

@Deepthi can someone from the team help with that?

Adding @chris.favila to look into the issue.

I am facing the same issue, I tried negative testing many times, but I still get 67.5, please help. Thanks

Hi Alexandra and Pranav. I tested this quiz recently and unfortunately, didn’t run into the issue. The grade was successfully updated once I got a higher score. Remember that the uppermost figure will not update if your score is lower. Can you click the “See feedback” button and check the “Your latest” field for your recent submission?

Is it higher or lower than 67.5%? Thanks!

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Hi Chris, Thank you for your help, there a bug for sure. Please see attached screenshots, I attempted to multiple times, then a drastic test, I tried not answering any of the answers and I still received 70%. Please help!


Hi Pranav. Please click “See feedback” and provide a screenshot like in my previous post. It seems like you clicked “View Submission”. Please click “See feedback” and take a screenshot of the uppermost part showing the “Your latest:” field. No need to show the questions at this point.

As mentioned, you will still see the highest score so having blank answers will not change it. I also did your test in my screenshot and as you can see, I still got 100. The “Your latest” field shows otherwise though.

Hope this helps. Thanks.

Thank you much Chris.

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Thank you Chris! You were right, the grade changed in the ‘View Feedback’ section. I just passed the quiz so all good :slight_smile:

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Its a caching problem on the page. After retaking the test i just refresh the page to get the latest score.