Week 4, Assignment 2 - 100% grade received while style-content doesn't get applied

I’ve this weird situation where in the NST assignment, the style image doesn’t get applied to the content image. I decided to use the grader to help me debug what I’ve missed, but I received 100% grade.

(Below you can see the 100% score along with the last epoch and final result output)

Can somebody help me understand what I’ve missed?

Thank you!

I think your algorithm is correct as a grader evaluated. And, I see you have some good results in there. If you have time, try to increase “epoch” and see what happens. Here is the output with a larger epoch value.

The last one is 25,000 epochs.

Nobu has shown the results as you run more epochs, but you can actually see some “style” creeping in with the first set of images you show. It’s subtle, but look at the tinges of red on the clouds in the rightmost of the three images you show. As Nobu shows, you can get more effect by running longer …

@anon57530071 @paulinpaloalto

agh, you’re right. Thank you for your help.