Week2 Assignment 1 Ex 1

All tests passed but the grader gives me zero? Please help

Need more information.

after completing all the exercises it went from 0 to 100 in a single submission, I usually submit after each exercise. maybe you want to take a look at whats happening here.

I don’t know how the scoring system works, but it looks like you only get the points if all the tests pass. We see in your screenshot that you did 100/100 at the last submission when you successfully passed the tests on all the exercises. It’s good, you validated the exercise.

from previous experience the grader always gave marks for the completed exercises, and that makes sense as there is no relation between different exercises. Not sure if this is happening with others but it definitely will bug/irritate you.

You have to complete all of the exercises in the notebook before you can submit it for grading. You don’t have to get all the right answers, but you have to at least not have the functions crash.

This is because any remaining “None” statements that are in the notebook will cause syntax errors when the grader runs your code.

okay, thanks for clearing that out