Week 4 Exercise 1 Help interpreting error

My answer is almost correct but not quite and I’m not sure what the grader wants me to fix. Uploading screenshots of two attempts with the errors. (I used -0.5 instead of -1 to try to get rid of that 2 in the error, but that gives the same error showing -0.5 which doesn’t make sense to me…)

Did you try this matrix?

If yes, then check whether you used the correct numpy function to find the eigenvectors and eigenvalues.

Yes; using A_reflection_yaxis_eig = (edited)

That’s the correct function, but you’re passing the wrong argument to it.

# Find eigenvalues and eigenvectors of matrix A_reflection_yaxis.

You’re finding the eigen’s of the reflection matrix - nothing says to multiply it with A.

Yup that did it, thank you. Most hypothetical question ever!