C1_W4 Programming assignment Exercise 1

The task says:

Complete matrix A_reflection_yaxis , which corresponds to the reflection about y-axis, and find its eigenvalues and eigenvectors. Visualize the result and investigate it. How would you interpret this linear transformation in terms of the eigenvectors and thier eigenvalues?

If we use the matrix mentioned before (the A matrix)

Its reflection along the y axis is

-2, 3
-2, 1

But i keep getting failing tests saying:

Wrong matrix A_reflection_yaxis.
Check the element in the row 1, column 1

Am i doing something wrong?

The values you put in the A_reflection_yaxis matrix are limited to -1, 0, and 1.

The A matrix used previously is just some random matrix used for a demonstration.

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I believe it’s important to clarify that in the exercise, as it can be confusing. The request is for A_reflection_yaxis, leading me to interpret it as the reflection of the matrix A, which was previously provided, about the y-axis

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So the value of the matrix is -1,0,1 ? But we need to enter a 2x2 matrix, can you please explain, i am stuck.

No, those are the set of numbers you can use to fill-in the matrix.

Thanks @TMosh for pointing that out. I figure out after watching the youtube video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiqGHh-NCNM

I think the matrix name A_reflection_yaxis what cause confusion. It should be `M_reflection_yaxis’