Week 4 programming assignment with reflection of matrix


In math for machine learning, course 1 (linear algebra), week 4, programming assignment of finding the reflection of matrix on y axis and its eigen values and eigen vectors.

I am not sure why multiplying the matrix (to get reflection) with -1 0, 0 1 is not satisfying the unit test. Can someone please share the understanding of reflection on Y axis for a matrix?



Learners are instructed not to share answers according to the guidelines. You are requested to remove the section containing what you tried during the assignment.

If you feel comfortable, you may send me a private message with some section of the code.

Ty and have a great day…

Hello @AeryB,

I am having the exact same issue…

can you you please advise how to send a private message… to resolve.


As a suggestion for improving the assignment, the wording of the assignment implies that it is looking for a reflection of the previous matrix A in the y-axis. This misled me for a long time.

Instead the assignment is looking for a general matrix that can be used to transform the base vectors as a reflection in the y-axis.


@nehpets This was a very useful clarification, thank you! I also thought it was referring to the previous matrix A, as opposed to the general one.