Programming Assignment: Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors

Hello everyone, I have been trying to finish the las lab. I got stuck in the 2.1 part
Reflection about y-axis (the vertical axis). I have been entering the matrix A but with all of its values in x negatives.

I anyone can explain what is the matrix or if a made a mistake please share it…!!
Thank you so mush in advance!

Hi Miguel,
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Well, I couldn’t understand this section of your post:

Can you give more clarity?

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In section 2 - Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of the Standard Transformations in a Plane
subsection 2.1 - Example 1: Reflection about y-axis (the vertical axis)
Exercise 1


Define transformation matrix A_reflection_yaxis as a numpy array.

A_reflection_yaxis = np.array([[-2, 3],[-2, 1]])
I entered the matrix A but reflected in yaxis. I am not sure if I am doing well since I got an error.

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Miguel Benalcazar

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Oh now I see your doubt!

There is one little problem with it. The code asks for the transformation matrix, in general, that will perform the tranformation on matrix A.

It was not asking for what A will look like after tranformation.

Ping again if your doubt still remains.

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I landed in the same issue as well. The problem is clear about new matrix - it is matrix reflection on y axis. But calculating eigenvalue and eigenvectors with right reflected matrix still ends up in error.

Hi @AdityaChaturvedi ,

I think, there is a slight misunderstanding. The problem is not asking for the resultant matrix after transformation. Rather, it needs the transformation matrix itself.

I think you should revisit Week 3 transformation lab once more to brush up your skills. It may help.

Happy learning!

Ah, Thank you. That got me going.

Feedback on the framing of the question, though -

" Complete matrix A_reflection_yaxis , which corresponds to the reflection about y-axis, and find its eigenvalues and eigenvectors."

it is ambiguous at best. What you describe is the right framing, IMHO.

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