Week 4 Lab 4 challenging

did anyone feel the last lab assignment as challenging? Cause I could not make the head or tail of it and had to use the hints. :frowning:

Hey @John21,

Don’t you think that it’s a good sign of your progress? If it happens with me, then I am usually very happy, since this means that I can still extract some more knowledge from a lab or a quiz. I am sure that if you try to do the lab once again, you won’t require many of the hints that you required in your first try, and perhaps after a couple of tries, you could try to implement the lab from scratch on your own as a practice exercise. And if you felt any difficult with any specific part of the lab, please feel free to post in the community, and the mentors will make sure to resolve your difficulty. I hope this helps.


Thanks for the advice @Elemento.