Week 4 Programming Assigment, Grading Issue

Hi all and support team,

I completed Exercise 1 and 2 for week 4 and tried submitting the assigment. My tests passed but the grades show up as 0 upon submitting. Need help resolving this soon as my Assigment is due by Sept 3rd. This is my first time reaching out to the community forum. Not sure if this message is going to right user groups and support team.


You can extend your deadline, so there is no rush to complete the work.

Passing the tests in the notebook does not prove your code is perfect. The grader uses different tests.

What is the feedback you get from the grader? Please post a screen capture image of it.

I have the same issue on the deep neural networks course C2_W3 the notebook called Tensorflow introduction - I finally completed the notebook w/o any apparent errors but got only 80% from the autograder - so I did it again stepper thrugh each step and the autigrader says "success - all tests passed but now I did not pass with 0 percent. I will send the autograder code but think I have run out of space here

@Lawrence_Kent, please be sure you’re posting in the forum for the correct course.
If your post doesn’t apply to the M4ML course, please post again on the correct forum.

here is the autograder code

I don’t recognize that as being from the Math for Machine Learning (M4ML) course.