Week1 Assignment 1: The sequence of computation in the video do not match the code

in conv_forward() the steps executed are as follows:

  • get previous activation
    loop over slices
    • get a slice from previous activation
      loop over filters:
      • convolve the slice with all the channels, i.e all the filters
      • move to the next slice

While in the provided video in the assignment the sequence of execution is different and is as follows:

  • get a previous activation
    loop over filters:
    loop over slices:
    - get a slice from the previous activation
    - convolve the slice with current filter
    - move to the next slice

I know the outcome is the same but I find it confusing when watching the video and then trying to write the code in conv_forward()

Hi asobhy,

Thanks for reporting this! Let me notify the team, so this can be taken on board for future revisions.

Hi @asobhy & @asobhy,

Thank you for reporting this. This has been noted.


Thank you for the reply. I was mistaken, I misunderstood that part. There is no issue with the video.