Week1 Assignment 1 UNQ_C4 grader error

I am getting DL Course 5 (Sequence models) Week 1, Programming Assignment 1, Question 4, grader is throwing below error. The same function is passing the immediate unit-tests that were right below, but still grader gives the error. Not able to understand whats going on. Any help is appreciated.

Code Cell UNQ_C4: Unexpected error (TypeError(‘cannot unpack non-iterable NoneType object’)) occurred during function check. We expected function lstm_forward to return Test 3 failed. Please check that this function is defined properly.
If you see many functions being marked as incorrect, try to trace back your steps & identify if there is an incorrect function that is being used in other steps.
This dependency may be the cause of the errors.

Hi @Raja_Tadimeti ,

Please check notebook metadata and refresh the workspace .

Also, checked if any grading tags are missing such as ### START CODE HERE ### or ### END CODE HERE ###.

Let me know if it will fix the issue.

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Be aware that you can’t submit the notebook until you have completed the entire assignment. If there are any “None” statements remaining in the notebook, it will make the grader crash.

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After taking latest version (From top-right ?Help->Get Latest Version) and recoding UNQ_C4 (it already remembered my first 3 answers), now I got 100% score. Thanks all for the help.