Week1 - Inference in Code lecture

Hi - I could not understand how the UNITS=3 in this for Layer 1. Given there is only one example of 2 features (200 Celcius, 17min)

How does one set UNITS count? What is the logic

What is the time mark for your question in the lecture?

3min 10 secs

Talking about ‘units=3’ in the screenshot attached

Any update ?

Not yet, I do not have access to the lectures at the moment since Coursera updated their Terms of Use.

@Zerxes24, the “units” parameter refers to the number of units (nodes) in the layer. So, in this case, we’ve chosen to have 3 nodes in layer 1. This is represented by the 3 circles in the diagram for layer 1

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What is happening here is that first we are initialisation a single example that is x(200,17) which is then taken as input by 3 separate logistic regression units. The 3 units in the layer are 3 separate logistic regression models and they have their own weights and biases. I guess u got confused thinking that the number of inputs should be equal to the number of units in the next later.

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