Week1_Install Jupyter Notebook

I’ve just started from Week 1 and Lab was introduced with Jupyter Notebook. We have some practice code in Optional Lab. I wonder will we be instructed to install Jupyter later on since this is Optional Lab? I really want to install Jupyter but I don’t know how. I looked it up on Youtube and it seems complicated to me.

Thank you so much!

week-1 jupyter

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You don’t have to install Jupyter, it runs in your browser.

Thank you so much!


Am very new to Jupyter notebook,need guidance on how to use it as a beginner.

This is the link to how to download Jupyter.

Jupyter is environment for Python to run. We also have Pycharm - another environment for Python to run.

Jupyter has strength in visualization and data analysis while Pycharm has strength in detecting bug and advanced code editing.

I’m not a mentor for this course, so I do not know for certain.

Does this course require you to download and install your onw Jupyter instance?

Or does the course provide a notebook environment via Coursera Labs?