Week1 Programming Assignment Solution

Hii. Can anyone provide the solution for C1_W3_Logistic_Regression
Assignment? . I have tried like multiple times but there is always a problem in the Code.

By the rules of the forum, no one is allowed to share their code solutions.

If you post some of your error messages, maybe we can help diagnose the problem.

Yeah Sure.
In Compute Gradient Exercise Q, I have got the same values of dj_db at initial w (zeros)
as given in expectged output but its not showing All Test Case Passed.
Bcz of this i am not able to get points for the Q.

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Hey @Vishesh_20,
If you take a close look, you will find that the failed test cases differ in one key perspective from the ones that you have passed, i.e., non-zero initial values of w and b. This indicates that you have implemented an incorrect formulation, which somehow works in the case of w and b when they are initialized as 0. My best bet would be to double check how z_wb is computed. Still if you are unable to find the issue, feel free to DM your code to me. I hope this helps.


Yes I think that might be the problem . I’ll try this method or else dm you my code.
Thanks a lot .