C1_W3_Logistic_Regression Exercise 3

Hi all, I have followed all of the hints to get the correct output for dj_db and dj_dw but keep getting these results instead:
dj_db at initial w (zeros): -0.005050505050504951
dj_dw at initial w (zeros): [0.0, -0.9018609740842359]

The expected output is:
dj_db at initial w (zeros): -0.1
ddj_dw at initial w (zeros): [-12.00921658929115, -11.262842205513591]

Any help would be appreciated.

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Hey @Christian_Rosenberge,
Welcome to the community. Can you please DM your code to me, so that we can find out the exact issue?

P.S. - Posting code publicly is against the community guidelines, so please make sure that you refrain from doing so.