WEEK2: C1_W2 ASSIGNMENT (reduced_row_echelon_form )not updated


I have made changes to the code and it has shown that all test cases passed.
After reviewing several people’s doubts on platform i found that the row_echelon_form is not updated to reduced_row_echelon form in my assessment. i even updated it following the instructions. could anyone help me on this.


hi @sowmya02

can you share what is the issue you are encountering? if encountering any error, kindly share a screenshot of the error.


I believe this means you are using an obsolete version of the notebook.

You can get a the current version of the notebook by:

  • Use the File menu to rename your current notebook.
  • Use the question-mark Help menu and “Get latest version”.
  • Use the File->Open menu to open the new notebook.
  • Use the “Kernel->Restart & clear all output” command.

Now you can start over on the assignment.