What brings all here?

Tell me about your interest in AI ?

Hello, @Deepak_Baiju. Thanks for using Discourse. Personally, I am fascinated by Generative AI. The idea of AI creating incredibly realistic synthetic images that are indistinguishable from human sight, particularly in domains such as Face Generation, is quite appealing. However, there are also concerns associated with this technology, such as the ability to alter or deceive through the fabrication of fraudulent images.

For example, there have been cases where fake photographs, such as the Pentagon Photo incident, have caused stock market disturbances. This emphasises the significance of being able to distinguish between actual and AI-generated or altered photos.
However, Generative AI has also provided major benefits, particularly in areas such as stock photo selection, where designers may readily access a broad variety of photos that suit their needs.

To address the possible drawbacks of being unable to discern between actual and AI-generated photos, I am now developing a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) with a perfect (pretty accurate) discriminator. The goal is to create a discriminator that can accurately differentiate between actual and AI-generated or modified photos. This will help to confirm the authenticity and dependability of photos, addressing concerns about the inappropriate use of synthetic images.

I’m starting a new journey and obtaining new skills sets.

Hello, @erincon . Thank you for making use of Discourse. Best wishes on your exciting undertaking in this rapidly advanced field. Just out of curiosity, which specific skill sets are you currently learning?

Hello @Deepak_Baiju,

Welcome to the community.

Right now, i am doing some researches using sentiment analysis to address business issues regards social media platforms.

For the past years, customers has addressing their complains about haveing a bad experience with some brands and their products in social media, They have being using social media like a support channel to get more fast responses about issues with their products. They choose social media because they are looking for a viral post reaction in order to get a fast response from the brands.

A lot a brands established they presence in social media and day to day is using it like alternative channel support to get more involved with customer and get more insights.

Looks like a good field to get involved.