What exactly does Hugging Face Company do?

I looked up the T5 Transformer on Google and immediately came across many web pages from Hugging Face (HF)? I am curious, what does the company do?

  1. Does it research and invent transformers in collab with companies like Google?
  2. Or is it just a content creation company?
  3. Or something else I cant figure out?

Will be grateful to get an answer.

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Hi Muskan_Mahajan,

Until someone from Hugging Face provides an answer here, I would suggest to just spend some time on their website clicking at various links.

These subpages may for instance give an idea of how Hugging Face works:

On products: Hugging Face – Pricing
On community based organization: Hugging Face – The AI community building the future.
On type of employees: Hugging Face - Current Openings
On scope of activities: Hugging Face - Documentation

You can also find some discussions using certain search terms in google, such as “huggingface business model” or “huggingface collaborations”.

Just do your own research (and have fun!).

I hope this provides at least some kind of answer.


and share what you find out with the community???

Hi ai_curious. I was using the word ‘research’ in the sense of finding out what Hugging Face does (which can also be fun).

I presume you are referring to research on transformers…

I was attempting to encourage @Muskan_Mahajan to share any discoveries made from visiting the links you shared, to give something back to the community from which we would all benefit.

Ah, ok. Considering that Hugging Face contributed to this course, maybe someone from there could provide some additional insights? It can be a lot of work to gather, analyze, synthesize, and present findings from such an internet-based case study.

HF is a NLP startup. They offer some services for which they charge money. But more importantly, they are very big if not the biggest NLP company. And everyone knows about them. So there is plenty of investors ready to drop money into their pockets (last round they revealed that they didn’t even get to spend 90% of previous cash raise).

Thanks a ton for your replies, i know now!

If they have that much idle cash, I don’t mind if they spend it on me for few years… :slightly_smiling_face: