What happened to the quiz feedback?

I really miss the feedback we used to get for incorrect answers in quizzes. This feedback was INVALUABLE to understanding something that I didn’t quite get the first time. I don’t understand why it was removed, and my satisfaction with these courses has been drastically reduced as a result.


Hi Josh

Thank you for your feedback.

Would you be able to share below details so that we can investigate this further and see what best we could do to make your experience with quizzes more encouraging and valuable?

  1. name of the specialization
  2. which course within the specialization
  3. which week within the course

I’m doing the Deep Learning Specialization, Convolutional Neural Networks course. Take a look at this screen shot from my week two quiz:

This was a multiple-choice answer. Which ones were right, and which were wrong? Did I not select all the correct answers? And for the ones I selected that were wrong, why were they wrong?

This type of feedback used to appear after quizzes were graded, and that feedback seems to have disappeared. It was quite valuable.

PS: I’m taking multiple specializations at the same time, so it’s possible that I’m remembering other courses I’m taking and the DeepLearning.AI courses never had this type of feedback. If that’s the case, then instead of “what happened to this feedback,” you can pretend I asked, “please add this feedback!”

Thanks for the details Josh. Our team will review your feedback and see what best can be done to improve learner’s experience.

I am facing the same issue. I am not able to understand what is my mistake for the Q5 of the quiz.

Can anyone of the mentors please tell me the mistake. I have attempted this quiz 6 times already with only this question being wrong every time.

That question does not seem to be lacking feedback. Could you tell what’re you having trouble/confusion with? I could try to help out.

Earlier, when we used to complete our quizzes, we would get feedback based on our answers, i.e. why the answers we selected are correct, why the ones we didn’t select are correct, and so on. After the up-gradation of the specialization, all the feedback has been removed from the quizzes.

@XpRienzo Here is an example, from a previous course in the specialization, of the kind of feedback we’re talking about:

These hints were very valuable for finding the gaps in my understanding. Without them, I get much less value out of the courses.

Hey @XpRienzo ,
This question is lacking feedback. Please find below the ss of the choices for Q5.

In the feedback, all we are getting is a single incorrect for any of the answer choices we have made. Where is the actual feedback?

I don’t know if my choices are wrong or not. So please assist on this.

Below is the screenshot of the feedback I just got after answering this question.


Ah, I guess I was going off my experience from the previous version of course as well. I’ll bring this up to the team again, thanks for informing :slight_smile:
I’ll update here if anything happens.

Thanks man,

Please do let us know. And if we know the answers for this question as well as the reason. That would be great as well…

Thank you,

Kshitij Sharma

Hey everyone.

This is weird. All these question (except Q7) have feedback. I’m not sure why it is not being displayed when an answer is flagged as incorrect.
Anyways, I have re-uploaded the quiz. Kindly check and tag me in case it is still not showing. Thank you.

Thank you @XpRienzo for bringing this to my attention.

Hey everyone. Apparently, there’s a bug. I’ll forward it on.

Please let me know if you come across something similar in other quizzes as well.

It turns out, I can’t see the feedback in any of my quizzes in any of the courses, in any of the weeks. Perhaps, I need to submit them again?

That could be the case, yes.