What is Course 2 and 3content

Hello i took the Ml specialition and finished course one. I talk to my proffersor about my thises topic he asked me what kinda data that i want to work with. Voice, image etc
Do you wanna do something related to smart house or autonomus cars etc…

So my question is what is the future content of the courses. What kinda data lecturer work with? I really dont know what i like… Any help would be great

Hey @Hakan_Karapinar,

Please check out the syllabus page that contains the learning objective and content for each course. They should give you an idea of what you can expect. Here are the links for syllabus page for course 2 and course 3.


Thank you i checked as the course saying that course ll help us to dive into ai. But what do you suggust the one who never worked with NLP or automus cars. Cv area also good. Its hard for me to choose a topic between them.

There is no general answer that applies to everyone. I suggest you to discuss this with your professor and find out a direction that is interesting to you and is manageable within time and resources limits.

However, if you want to get prepared for the next meeting with your professor, I suggest you to check out what your professor and his students are doing; discuss with other postgraduate students in your department about their experience; check out AI news in the fields your professor mentioned and see what inspires you the most.


Thank you so much i ll consider the things you said.

No problem. You may also think about your study plan at the same time, by considering courses available online and available in your department. It is good that your study plan is aligned with you research plan, though it is not absolutely necessary. Your professor will be working with you throughout those years, so get prepared and consider his advice :wink:


Actually i have 5-6 months to complete. I just finished python for Ml courses, and consider to apply for ai summercamp on agust 1. And specialization will help me to build my fundementals about ML. And yes aditional small courses releted for thesis will be helpful.