What projects should i make?

Hello i have been learning techniques from quite some time with stats , algebra, classical ML algos ? I want to make projects but confused from where should i start? Can somebody help.

Hey @aashish16,
Welcome to the community. As Prof Andrew suggests, if this is your first time making any AI-based project, then you can always start small, for instance, you can train a neural network to perform object classification, object detection, trigger word detection, etc.

If you want to work on some novel problems, then you can always participate in some Kaggle competitions, where you will get to work on a novel dataset for some specific task. Another thing that you could try to do is to implement various AI/ML based research papers that don’t have any public implementations yet. You can find such papers here.

Once you are comfortable with working these small and standalone projects, you can start working on integrated projects, having multiple purposes, of which each purpose is served by some specific model, for instance, a generic chat bot, with document based question-answering capabilities. I hope this helps.


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