What's next after NLP specialization? One suggestion

After working with the specialization notebooks for a while, and getting the non-trax bits working on my laptop (sorry Mac users, no trax for you!), I started looking for exercises to deepen my understanding. I found these TensorFlow tutorials to be helpful, and liked the way they built from simple to more complex. The RNNs are slow to train locally but it gives me time to read and reread the APIs and think about what is going on :slight_smile:

I’m not such a big movie buff, so my next project is to take a look at the medical text data from this Kaggle competition: NBME - Score Clinical Patient Notes | Kaggle

Welcome your thoughts and suggestions…

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Hi @ai_curious , I would suggest to have a look at omdena. They have some really interesting and challenging projects to be solved. Below is the link:

Thanks for this pointer. Might require more focus than I can commit to; I’m more into solo tinkering that I can just set aside or defer when inconvenient. But for someone ready to dive in it looks intriguing and with social merit.