What's the difference between sp.ndimage.zoom and UpSampling2D

Hey there,

In week 4 we see a function so-called sp.ndimage.zoom for CAM purpose.

In week 3 we know that for blowing up encoded features we use UpSampling2D sometimes.

What’s the difference between them?

Thank you.

One difference I noted is that
“The array is zoomed using spline interpolation of the requested order.”

Here, the interpolation is specified using a string, either nearest or bilinear .

So, the interpolation technique seems to be different in the two methods.


Am I to understand that these two functions are doing the same thing, or at least similar, but with different implementations and different results?

PS: There are many functions with the same or different names between np and tf, or keras, and it turns out that sometimes they actually do the same thing.

Hi @Chris.X ,

I think you’re right… Thank you…