Where is prediction? Week1Lab1

I uploaded image files, and can see the uploaded image, but where would I look to see what the algorithm predicted the image was?

Hi @keking
please can you be a bit more specific and give us some additional details?
I guess you are working on the Course1 Week1 ungraded lab. Right?
if yes, which Method are you using? 1 or 2?


I am also having issues with displaying the predicted image. Each time i ‘try it out’, it throws an error of ‘bad input’. My image is .jpeg and I use option 1.


Hi @tundeak
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I have tried to redo the lab. Here below the steps I did to make a prediction.

  1. I have selected the ‘try it out’ button.
  2. I have selected one of images available from the ‘image’ folder of the current lab
  3. I have clicked the ‘Execute’ button’ just below

This is the result in my case

What’s the difference in your case?