C2_W1_Assignment - Image with prediction

Hello @Mentors,

I had a query is related to usage of the functions that generate the figures with predictions as below -

Do you have some document to explain how this is getting generated in the code? I believe few functions are getting called from your internal setup. It would be great to understand this output generation code better so that I can generating same on my PC as well or on different data.

This looks very interesting way of displaying the predictions.

The code is visible for you to read in cell 6 in the notebook.

Of course I see that, other wise how did I generate the image…

my request is if there is any tutorial / material that you have which can you can share that would help understand the code better … otherwise the only other option would be google…


This course uses Matplotlib for the visualizations here are some resources:

There’s also other libraries like seaborn, D3.js and others: