Where is the resources section? i want to review before starting the course

i cant find the resources section
" If you need to review some of these concepts, don’t worry about it. We have some recommendations in the resources section."


Thank you!

I too wish to review before starting the course. In “What to expect and how to succeed,” Professor Luis Serrano says, “We have some recommendations in the resources section.” He explicitly offers Algebra from Khan Academy as an example. No such resources page exist, that I can find. It took me 2 hours to uncover this little nugget—the link provided as a reply in this post may be helpful, but aren’t the resources I was expecting.

Where can i find additional resources for Linear Algebra for Machine Learning if I don’t feel confident in my skills?

You are correct, the type of “Resources” page that Luis referred to in that lecture seems to be missing. The link I posted earlier only has the lecture slides, and that’s not what you’re looking for.

I’ll ask the course staff if they can locate the information Luis suggested, and make it available for students.