Which videos have been updated for Generative AI and LLMs?

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New contents about generative AI and LLMs have been added to the course. I am wondering if there is a list showing which videos have been updated. So I don’t have to go over all videos again to find new materials.

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Hello @mzhu
Kindly find the outline of the updated videos
Week 1

  • Video: Week 1 Introduction
  • Video: Machine Learning
  • Video: What is data?
  • Video: The terminology of AI
  • Video: What machine learning can and cannot do
  • Video: Non-technical explanation of deep learning (Part 1, optional)
  • Quiz: Week 1 Quiz

Week 2

  • Video: How to choose an AI project (Part 1)
  • Video: Technical tools for AI teams (optional)
  • Quiz: Week 2 Quiz

Week 3

  • Video: AI Transformation Playbook (Part 2)
  • Reading: AI Transformation Playbook
  • Video: AI pitfalls to avoid
  • Video: Survey of major AI application areas (optional)
  • Quiz: Week 3 Quiz

Week 4

  • Video: A realistic view of AI
  • Video: AI and developing economies
  • Video: AI and jobs
  • Quiz: Week 4 Quiz

Thank you!

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