Why conv9 in # UNQ_C3 in unet_model function

why there is the additional convolution in the unet_model function .
conv9 = Conv2D(filters=32,
# set ‘kernel_initializer’ same as above exercises

Although in u-net model this convolution step is not present

Which assignment is this?

Since it’s unet, that’s probably C4 W3 A2.

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convolutional network(course-4), week 3 assignment 2

Hmm its been a long time I have done that one, frankly I dont know but my intution tells me; convolutions exrtact more features and make the process run smother in our context, i.e. the segmentations learned will be better. Thats what I think without revising this lab, @TMosh what do you think?

Here’s what I get from reading the notebook instructions:

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