Why f### ? and not just """?

Is there a reason to use f"“’ ? instead of just “”” ?

text = f"“”
Got this for my daughter for her birthday cuz she keeps taking
mine from my room. Yes, adults also like pandas too. She takes
it everywhere with her, and it’s super soft and cute. One of the
ears is a bit lower than the other, and I don’t think that was
designed to be asymmetrical. It’s a bit small for what I paid for it
though. I think there might be other options that are bigger for
the same price. It arrived a day earlier than expected, so I got
to play with it myself before I gave it to my daughter.
prompt = **f"**proofread and correct this review: {text}"
response = get_completion(prompt)

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You need to google “Python F String” for more explanations and examples of it.


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This is a Python feature called F-string. It provide a simple way to concatenate strings (character chains, text, words, etc.) in conjunction with numerical values (integer, floating points, etc.) simultaneously.

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