Why I cannot import the get_api_key ? Please help

Are you running this locally?

Yeah ,

I think this course is not meant to run locally. Since the key is already set when running in the notebook from the course (as said on the first video).


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Keep in mind that the course platform had all de API settings already set. That means that if you try to run locally you have to set your own API credentials.

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How I set my own API credentials ?? Please help .

First, you have to install the dotenv package from pypi:

Second, you have to download the utils.py package from the course platform by:

  1. Clicking on the jupyter logo
  2. Clicking on the utils.py package > file > download

After download this files, you have to setting your google API key on the .env file in your project root folder.

You can do that by following this tutorial:

Keep in mind that you have to keep on the files in one single structure path in order to get it right.

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Its work! Thank you so much sir .

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I’m glad to help.

Have a great learning :heart:

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