Why i get this following error in Face Recognition?

I tried to do the same step for Face Recognition in my local jupyter notebook. But then i get this error, which i stuck for hours, and confused, because in the assignment, it doesn’t pop up this type of error, while for running this code in my local jupyter notebook, it pop up this error. Also i already download the model.

There are lots of version dependencies. Coursera platform is slightly old. Basically, the version of tensorflow is 2.3.

In this case, at first, you may need to reinstall Python 3.7. If it does not work, then, reinstall Tensorflow 2.3/Keras 2.4.3, which is same as my local environment for this exercise.

(I have multiple conda environment for Coursera exercises. You will soon be as well… :slight_smile: )

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Oh ok. Tomorrow i’ll try. Thanks for the reply!

Hey, thanks it actually works! Just asking, is there a chance that the pretrained model can be used with python 3.10 if i can download it somewhere else? Because i really need to use Python 3.10, not Python 3.7.

I believe you are using conda environment. You just need to create one conda environment for Python 3.7, since, for this particular exercise, you do not need python 3.10.

I see, thanks for your help!