Wrong function documentation in Optional Lab: Multiple Variable Linear Regression


So in MLS1, week2, Optional Lab: Multiple Variable Linear Regression
Inside the Jupyter notebook document inside section 5.2 Gradient Descent With Multiple Variables
There’s this function: gradient_descent()
In its document it says: “Performs batch gradient descent to learn theta. Updates theta by taking num_iters gradient steps with learning rate alpha”
It mentions twice the variable theta, but there is no such parameter. “Theta” should be replaced with “(w,b)” I guess

I wish to notify the course managers. I hope they read discussions here

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Hi @haibrenner
Yes, the query and suggestion are always seen and implemented.
First of all, thank you to enlighten the topic, and can you give us more information about which document you are talking about?
Can specify the location or any link which helps us?
I clearly see the (w,b) in the lab so just mention the document and we will look into it and correct it.

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Thanks, you are correct. It has been reported.

In the old version of this course, the weights and bias were stored in a theta vector.


From here:

The python function documentation in section 5.2, inside the code.

But I see now from the next response that the issue is indeed verified.

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