X_train dataset lost in programming excercise C1_W3

hi there,

I have last X_train , and y_train input array provided in load dataset Its giving me error.
I also tried to resolve these by download "Update lab to the latest version "under Help button.

Actually I had this prior on 5th august or 6th. Actually last week I was in travel, so I was doing parallel just before I needed to put laptop in airlplane mode, so after 14 hrs, I could not see later these x_train. And I am getting error in printing x_train.
Because of this x_train input array missing , I have past over due . I was planning to complete my predict function and remaining ones by 7th
could you please help me with these error to fix?


Please post a screen capture image that shows the error you are seeing.

When you start using the notebook, you should always run all of the cells first. That will take care of loading the data sets.

Thanks for reply. Pl. find screenshot. The X_train input array was gone while I was editing the other questions of programming exercise . If you could please support to provide input array x_train Thanks

yes I did loaded all data cells when I started programming. Recently when I was doing predict function question, that time I ran dataset and I had to close laptop in airplane mode, leaving browser window of assignment open, as I was flying out so when I opened browser I could not locate X_train dataset. sorry about inconvenience.

When you closed your laptop, your kernel session timed-out. After that, you have to run all the cells again, so your session will have all the correct data.

Thanks for reply. yes I run the cells again, but got this error. X_train is not printing as it used to print.
Hence is it possible to provide the original X_train dataset array. This X_train dataset would help me to complete my 3 questions remaining. thnks

Hey @Kiran_Deshmukh,
I don’t think that Python has any print function by printd. You have to use print instead, to print the variables or text, as per your requirements. Let us know if this helps.


Thanks for feedback. understood the error. Ah! my bad oversight in checking this. Yes it does help.

Thanks My code for 3.6 section : Learning parameters using gradient descent with regularization , is giving many values for W_reg, b_reg after the 10000 iterations for lambda 0.01
due to which my answer is coming slight different . I am getting Train Accuracy: 53.389831 against 80% expected.
Predict function: #Compute accuracy on our training set, I am getting Train Accuracy: 60 against 92 (expected)
could you please advise where Am I going wrong in section 3.6 of week 3 practice assignment

Hey @Kiran_Deshmukh,
If your unregularized version works perfectly, and if you are facing issues in section 3.6, then the issue lies in either your implementation of compute_cost_reg or compute_gradient_reg. Please go through them once and ensure that they are working perfectly. If you are still unable to find the issue, please DM your notebook as an attachment to me.