Yes, it sounds good

I want to know applications of AI in my field of food science and nutrition.

I heard someone mention Chef GPT on a podcast yesterday. I have not looked at it other than the front page of the website …

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Yeah, heard about similar as a use case for GPT4:

  • input: picture of your opened fridge
  • detection of potential ingredients inside the fridge (e.g. milk, eggs, cheese, …)
  • quantification of how much ingredients would be available (e.g. 2 Liter of milk)
  • generative AI produces ideas for some recipes given the available ingredients and serves as an idea generator with the instructions to cook the meal (e.g how to cook pancakes)
  • output: several proposals with instructions (e.g. the pancake recipe)

Also in addition to your question: I could imagine that usage patterns (both on macro as well on micro side) can be well learned well with time series models which is actually already state of the art to predict:

  • user specific usage patterns or preferences (e.g. a certain cuisine like Italian food) for an individual user who probably would rather go for a pizza with his friends on a Friday evening than on a Monday morning
  • demand estimation for companies to improve their inventories and supply chain processes.

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