ZERO grade

I finish Iam sure that I pass all

Hi, can you please provide more information about the error?

when I submit my assignment it gave me zero /100

The error says there is a problem with the code indentation in your notebook.

This makes the grader crash.

When the grader crashes, it gives error messages that sometimes are confusing because you get the same error message for all of the functions, regardless of where the error is in the notebook.

So the problem could be anywhere in the notebook, not just that function.

can you help me moree ?

First review your entire notebook, looking for any indented blocks of code that are not at exactly 4 spaces.

Sometimes the Jupyter notebook will identify these issues by using a red font for that line of code.

what is problem in this codee

Not much, it looks like you added a space to both of the comments.
The ### should begin in column 1.
Yours start in column 2.

From the notebook template:

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Python is very sensitive about indentation. That’s how it defines blocks of code.