C1W2 Error in grading(0/100) even after passing all the tests (Indent Error)

I finished my assignment and passed all the python tests an it displays “All tests passed”

How to solve this?

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If I was you, I would recheck the row_echelon_form function again maybe indentation is not right, or maybe you have deleted comments you are not supposed to!

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Hi @ShamalLakshan

I suspect you are working on an obsolete copy of assignment. Get a fresh copy of assignment by following 1a HOW TO GET A FRESH OR LATEST VERSION OF A NOTEBOOK from the below link


@ShamalLakshan, be aware that if your notebook causes the grader to crash, the specific errors that the grader reports are not accurate. The grader will report the same error message for all of the functions. So the grader error you see does does not mean the error is in the row_echelon_form() function.

Also be aware that passing the tests in the notebook does not mean your code is perfect. The grader uses different tests.

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