Zombie Detector (C3W2) - Notebook not working

Hello all!

I tried to run the notebook for the Zombie Detector but it is giving me this error:

RuntimeError: module compiled against API version 0x10 but this version of numpy is 0xf . Check the section C-API incompatibility at the Troubleshooting ImportError section at Troubleshooting — NumPy v1.25.dev0 Manual for indications on how to solve this problem .

Is there anything I could do?

Thanks in advance

@Luis_Otavio_Machado, thanks for pointing this out! This sounds like we had some kind of version-compatibility problem that wasn’t there last time I tried this assignment. I tried it and was also seeing a problem, but with a slightly different error than you were seeing.

As an experiment, I tried making some changes and got my version working, but weirdly, I just now brought up a new version with no changes and it seems to be working now also.

My only guess is that this was a Colab versioning issue that has now been fixed. Can you try again to see if it works for you, too?

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Hello @Wendy ! Thank you for the response.

Unfortunately it is still giving me the same error. Maybe it will update here later, but I’m not sure.

Would you mind sharing the changes you made to get it working again?


Hi @Luis_Otavio_Machado,

Well… it’s not working for me today either, so must have just been sloppy yesterday when I thought it was fixed. There definitely does seem to be something that needs fixing here wrt version incompatibility. I’ll report it to the developers so they can track it down properly a get it fixed.

In the meantime, this fairly simple work around is working for me:

After you get the error at Exercise 1, choose “Restart runtime” from the “Runtime” menu, then run through the cells again. The second time around it works for me.

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Hello @Wendy !

Yeah, I tried what you posted before but with no luck as well. But wow, by restarting the runtime it did work! I would really like to know why that happens hahaha but it would be great if the developers could look into this.

Thanks for the help!

I had the same problem, but that actually solved it. Thank you.

Also, “Disconnect and delete” runtime wasn’t enough - I had to run the cells until I got the error, then restart the runtime and run again. Strange, but it worked.

Hi everyone! Thank you for reporting this. We are looking into it and will fix asap!

Hello again! The issue was indeed with the package versions. You can re-open the lab from the classroom to see the new code for the setup.py file (3rd code cell). Thank you!