403 ERROR The request could not be satisfied

Hello! I hope you are doing well.
I hope developers will solve this problem soon.

You don’t say what course or specialization you are dealing with here, but note that this does not sound like something that “developers” can do anything about. It sounds like an IT problem on your side: some A/V or proxy or firewall software on your computer or on your local area network is blocking the connection to the relevant server. It’s pretty hard for us to diagnose that sort of thing. Try using a different network, e.g. a public WiFi and see if that makes a difference. If that doesn’t help, then the problem is on your computer. Check your browser and A/V configurations and see if you need to whitelist the some of the Coursera URLs.

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Hello Sir! Thanks for the detailed comment. I tried incognito and different devices but faced the same issue, on the Machine Learning course URL and Coursera home URL. But on different wifi, website is working fine. It seems something with my internet server is creating the issue. Kindly guide me.

You have several fundamental approaches to solve a problem like this:

  1. Do the research to figure out whether it’s your LAN or your ISP that is causing the problem. Then contact their IT support staff and ask them to “whitelist” the URLs that you need. E.g. use lower level network analysis tools like traceroute and/or packet sniffers to figure out where the NAK is being generated.

  2. Use a VPN to get around the security policies of your local network or ISP. Of course they can also try to block the VPN connections, but the VPN software is usually clever enough to route around that.

  3. Do your Coursera activities from a different network that doesn’t have these restrictive security policies.

The VPN option may cost you money, but it has the advantage that it’s pretty straightforward and you are in control and don’t need to really figure anything out or negotiate with any IT staff.

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Thank you, sir, for such a thorough explanation. I don’t know why and how but now this problem is solved. I did nothing.

Interesting. Well maybe the IT support staff saw the error messages (violations of security policy usually generate some sort of notification to the staff) and then looked at the case and decided it was really not a problem. Meaning that they did the “whitelisting” for you.

Well, maybe the simpler theory is that it was just some sort of “bad weather” in the cloud and it has cleared up now. :nerd_face:

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Yeah. This may be the case. But I am extremely thankful for your help.